Conversion Progress: Week 3

But, you live in Florida! Why would you get rid of the AC!?

This week, the bus was relieved of its non-function AC system, which could only run if the bus was on anyway. In the future, we're looking into small split-unit temperature control so we can be comfortable when we're driving AND when we're stopped. Friends from St Pete Jimmy & Jesse came by to help Alhen dismantle the ductwork and learn a bit about deconstruction. They're looking to create their own tiny homes in the near future! 

After moving the plywood in and out of the bus twice, we finally disposed of it safely and completely! 

Working in a public place (a parking lot) was definitely a challenge, and being careful not to overtly use a business's dumpster (a no-no) but still dispose of our trash meant there was some musical items in and out of the bus. We moved seats, plywood, and tools back and forth, in and out, until we gave away enough seats, found a place to trash a few, and a friend generously offered to pay for some of them for use as outdoor seating throughout their large property. 

Down to bare metal, packed to the gils, and we are OFF to Tennessee! 

We arrive in TN late July 13 (today) and will be unpacking and decompressing over the weekend. This is the final phase for deconstruction, meaning rust grinding and any repair necessary, removing the walls and ceiling, disposing of insulation, and patching all the tiny holes left behind. You know what that means?