Conversion Progress: Week 5

Rain, rain, go away! 

While we love the rain and all that it brings, it's really slowing down our parade! Day after day this week, it's rained so hard that we couldn't work with any windows open, making for stuffy mornings and short afternoons. 

Our experimentation with rivet-removal is going (frustratingly) well, as we're seeing that the best course of action will be to use power tools the whole way. Yes, we did attempt to do this by hand, one of us punching the center out and the other using a chisel to remove the head.

This resulted in a few bruised thumbs and bad moods, to say the least.

Drilling takes a toll! We've probably gone through at least 3-4 cobalt bits, working through the ceiling. Panels are loose and about ready to come down, but we both agree it's important to make sure we're ready to handle and dispose of the insulation before we let those giant metal sheets come crashing down. 

Next week, we pull the plug on EVERY. SINGLE. RIVET. left in this bus. We're ready to get this thing gutted so we can begin construction!