We Bought a Bus

All the details on our new (to-be-converted) skoolie: 

1989 Bluebird All-American

15-Rows - 40 ft - Flat Front

8.3L Cummins Turbodiesel

Allison MT643 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

99k Miles - 37k Hours - former church bus

We searched for six months, called many craigslist ads and auction houses in multiple states, visited buses, talked to numerous school bus and skoolie owners, and ultimately stumbled upon this beauty by happenstance in our own backyard. Taking as much time as we did allowed us to learn so much about what to look for in a school bus, and to determine what we wanted for ourselves.

We didn’t plan on a 40-foot land yacht. 

2017-06-21 13.35.38-1-1.jpg

But when we stood in the bus, imagined the floorpan, thought about how much adventure gear, lounge space, and counter space we could have; and consulted the skoolie.net forums just to be sure; we knew this was the right choice.

The only drawback: When we arrived, it wouldn’t start. 

We diagnosed that the battery was dead, that it had been sitting for at least a week, and eventually - that the engine oil was BONE DRY. There was even some minor mechanic work that had to happen when a part fell to pieces in a technicians hand. Surprisingly, none of this gave me bad vibes. I just kept thinking: Whatever it takes. 

At the end of a 6-hour day in the boiling hot sun, the bus SPRANG TO LIFE! The folks selling it to us adding 4 gallons of oil, topped off the coolant, and even put a tank of gas in it for the road. 

Alhen & I are beyond grateful for Ross and his team at Florida Transportation Systems for getting us into our future home. 

In case you were wondering, we paid $1,600 cash for our bus. 

Next up: Insurance, tearing out the seats, and GUTTING the interior. Can we get it all done before we move to Tennessee on July 13? We’re going to find out. 

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