Special Days + Subarus: Week 7

Somebody had a birthday... and we bought a car! 

This has been our first full week not working on the bus. It feels strange - like we're slacking, falling behind, not doing what we're supposed to be doing, like we might miss our timeline. While we did have all these thoughts and more, we couldn't help but celebrate.


Plenty of dinners out, celebratory drinks, and relaxing afternoons this week. On Saturday, we followed up on a Craigslist ad we'd be watching for a 1998 Subaru Forester. Early on after moving to Oak Ridge, we realized that not having a car was going to hinder our progress. We needed something hardy enough to carry supplies, tools, lumber, junk, but also something that wasn't going to A.) break down at random and B.) got more than 5 miles to the gallon (sorry, farm trucks). 

This Subaru is no spring chicken, clocking in at 21 years and 240k miles, lacking AC and as we've recently discovered, a horn. However, Subaru is a reputable car maker and we both knew we not only needed something quickly, we also needed something in our price range. This car fits the bill.

So, what did we do with that car, now that we have a little extra freedom? 

We went to play! 

The first few weeks we were here were spent mostly at home, working on the bus, and getting situated in our new space. Now, especially with a car, we can get out and enjoy all of the fun things to do in our community. Climbing Center LLC, located inside/attached to the River Sports in Knoxville was a hidden gem! We now know that it's somewhat well-known in our local climbing community and had such a blast climbing there, we'll definitely be back. 

We also visited some cool places in the Knoxville area: 

  • Onsight Rock Gym, where we'll be sport climbing on the regular
  • REI, where Alhen is now a bike technician! 
  • Market Square in downtown Knoxville, which is loaded with restaurants, bars, shops, and cool peopl
  • Honeybee Coffee, in South Knoxville just over the Gay St bridge
  • The Knoxville Entrepreneurship Center, where we instantly made friends and found resources for our growing businesses