Conversion Progress: Week 4

"You backed that thing in here!?" asked the UPS man incredulously.

The day after we arrived in Oak Ridge, still unsure of where we would park our 40-foot bus, Alhen's mom, our gracious host, asked, "Do you think it could fit beside the house?" Our first instinct was no, hell no, are you crazy? But, when she went off to work, the idea started to look more and more like our only feasible option. The parking lot at Hobby Lobby wasn't exactly an enticing risk. 

It took about an hour, included expert maneuvering on Alhen's part and a mess of inexperienced spotting on mine, but WE DID IT. 

We hit the ground running, with Alhen dismantling the underside of the AC system (which surprisingly didn't fall off while we were driving). It did spray fluid EVERYWHERE but didn't do any harm to the bus. In addition to that, we made progress on: 

  • Removing the driver's seat
  • Removing everything from inside the bus (including the extra seats for our friends) so it was completely empty
  • Grinding rust, which was relatively minimal
  • Grabbing necessities from the hardware store, like cleaner, caulking, drill bits. We even grabbed a 4.5" angle grinder that's been doing wonders beyond what we expected.
  • Removing some exterior pieces for restoration

When not in the bus, Alhen is typically scouring forums (hello, watching videos, and researching the best sustainable products we'll use in the future for flooring, insulation, appliances, and beyond. I've been working on narrowing down the layout and interior design features, budgeting, media and writing, and updating our social media pages. 

Next up, RIVETS! 

Our plan of attack is using a hammer + punch for the center pin and a chisel and a hammer to remove the head. Over and over and over. Wish us luck!