Conversion Progress: Week 6

Bye bye RIVETS, hello BLANK CANVAS! 

Okay, you can tell that I am just a little bit excited to share that the bus is now COMPLETELY GUTTED. No rivets - no metal panels - no insulation, just an empty tin can of possibilities. Here's how we treated that shell to make sure she stays nice forever (ideally):

  • Clean the devil out of it with a pressure washer and some Simple Green Heavy Duty Degreaser - note: make sure to THOROUGHLY RINSE your surface if you need to apply anything to it, which was an issue we ran into.
  • Corroseal rust-converter rolled on thick. We may have overdone it, as not all the parts we painted were rusty (we got lucky with this bus!), but those black spots you see are surface rust that had been ground down as much as possible, converting to a primer.
  • 3M 5200 Sealant, which is a marine-grade product. Alhen's experience in the marine industry made this a clear choice, because if it can seal anything to each other on a boat and be long-lasting and impervious to living its life in the water, it's good enough to plug the 100+ holes left in the floor. 

The makers of school buses must be applauded for making a product that is practically impossible to disassemble and that is so well put together (with glue, nails, and everything in-between), that they last as long as they do. This can make for some frustrating work! 

Evidence of all that hard work:

The challenge we are running into now: waste

We have an enormous pile of insulation, steel, and rivets outside the bus that we are a little stumped on what to do with. It isn't exactly scrap-able, nor is it a walk in the park to cut it all up. We're doing our best to shuffle it into a pretty pile, but there's really no disguising this rubbish. 

As two self-described sustainability-conscious hippies, it's kind of concerning how much waste this project is creating. We work diligently to reduce waste in our lives (reusable packaging and food storage, recycling, etc), but this stuff seems like its destined for a landfill. 

Suggestions - and offers to take it away - are so welcome! 

How do you think we could further reduce landfill waste with this project? 

In the next couple weeks, we'll be getting settled in at new jobs, entertaining company, and finalizing our flooring choices and layout! Stay tuned.