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Moving Our Skoolie, Dealing with Flat Tires, and Making Home Where We Park

The past couple weeks have been eventful for the Slow Rolling Home. As our moving date drew near, an unwanted visitor threw a wrench in our plans: Florence. Set to make landfall the day of our move, I received a frantic call from my mother, an hobbyist meteorologist and highly concerned parent.

“If you don’t move the bus before the storm comes, you could be flooded in! Your bus could slide through the mud! You have to move immediately!”

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Life Update + What We're Looking Forward To

We’ve been gone from this blog for months, but never from our bus conversion journey. We’re getting real, honest, and authentic in this life update. Not only are we still converting, we’re still committed to sharing our journey. It’s just taken a bit of courage and compromise to get back to our blog.

Read on for all that we’ve been up to since March.

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In-Depth Guide to Choosing a Healthy Mattress

We took a deep dive into the world of non-toxic mattresses in this latest post about our furnishing choices for the Slow Rolling Home! We discovered all of the icky chemicals living inside our conventional mattress, educated ourselves on what to look for in a healthy, non-toxic mattress, and narrowed our choices down to a select few we will continue to vet before we purchase.  Read on to learn more than you ever thought possible about the wonderful world of mattresses! 

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The Small Things Add Up in Weeks 24 - 26

Ah, the roof rack. What seemed like an added bonus ended up being a lot of extra work! It was rusted and broken down in many places, putting our ceiling at risk of water damage as well. Alhen did the heavy lifting of removing and Amelia did the sanding, getting it ready for a thick coat of solar-reflective white paint! We still haven't chosen the color of our bus yet, but white paint is imperative for the roof to reflect the sun and keep the heat baking low in the summertime.  

Read on for all the progress we made in weeks 24 - 26!  

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Installing Denim Insulation, Enclosing Windows, & Hard-Starting the Diesel: Weeks 20 & 21

"It's noticeably more temperate in here"

Said with a smile as we looked around at the newly insulated walls. 

The ceiling may still look like a spaceship, but the walls of the Slow Rolling Home are starting to take shape. Each window has a 'hull' under it which was originally filled with a yucky pink fiberglass insulation, stuff thickly and having accumulated twenty years of Florida humidity in its lifetime. 

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How Our Appliances Choices Reflect a Slow Lifestyle

featured photo by this.little.wandering

Like every choice on this bus, we're making these carefully. Our layout is built into the bus and there won't be too many changes once its complete. The difference between a cooktop and a range is a major demolition, but we're confident in the choices we've made, based on the lifestyle we want to live. Lifestyle is at the center stage in choosing our appliances. 

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Seemingly Endless Iterations and the Start of Framing: Weeks 18 & 19

After what seemed like endless iterations, we have completed our layout. While small things may change, shelves may be installed or cabinet doors switched, we are clear on HOW we want our home to feel, WHERE the important items will go, and WHY each place is significant. You may be wondering, what do you mean whyIt may just be me (Amelia) who is obsessed with "why", but the importance of being intimately acquainted with the driver for change is what makes change STICK. 

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When it All Starts Coming Together: Weeks 16 - 17

The subfloor project seemed like an odyssey. Cutting, fitting, and framing the joist pattern; cutting, fitting, and spray-foaming insulation; cutting, fitting, and securing plywood. When it was all complete, the space immediately felt different. The foundation was laid and there we stood, and walked, freely across the level (sub)floor. This was the gateway to the rest of the project.

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Installing the Subfloor and Making a Home: Weeks 14 - 15

'Measure twice, cut once' isn't a guarantee.

We've been busy, to say the least. Alhen has been working every. single. day. to prepare materials and plans for installing the subfloor and we have been working together to make them a reality. After purchasing the final piece of our subfloor puzzle (insulation), we framed the joists, fit the insulation, and filled the cracks with some Great Stuff spray foam. 

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The Importance of Planning: Weeks 9 - 10 (Aug 31)

No amount of planning could prepare us for what all would go along with creating a new life. Building a life with another person, let alone in a new city while creating a tiny home with our bare hands and little experience, is Pandora's box no matter how you open it. When we met, we talked a lot about what we wanted, what we saw to be possible. In hindsight, it's beyond a blessing that we did. 

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Conversion Progress: Week 5

While we love the rain and all that it brings, it's really slowing down our parade! Day after day this week, it's rained so hard that we couldn't work with any windows open, making for stuffy mornings and short afternoons. 

Our experimentation with rivet-removal is going (frustratingly) well, as we're seeing that the best course of action will be to use power tools the whole way. Yes, we did attempt to do this by hand, one of us punching the center out and the other using a chisel to remove the head.

This resulted in a few bruised thumbs and bad moods, to say the least.

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Conversion Progress: Week 4
"You backed that thing in here!?" asked the UPS man incredulously.

The day after we arrived in Oak Ridge, still unsure of where we would park our 40-foot bus, Alhen's mom, our gracious host, asked, "Do you think it could fit beside the house?" Our first instinct was no, hell no, are you crazy? But, when she went off to work, the idea started to look more and more like our only feasible option. The parking lot at Hobby Lobby wasn't exactly an enticing risk. 

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Conversion Progress: Week 3

This week, the bus was relieved of its non-function AC system, which could only run if the bus was on anyway. In the future, we're looking into small split-unit temperature control so we can be comfortable when we're driving AND when we're stopped. Friends from St Pete Jimmy & Jesse came by to help Alhen dismantle the ductwork and learn a bit about deconstruction. They're looking to create their own tiny homes in the near future! 

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Conversion Progress: Week 2

This week, we made serious headway removing seats, rubber, and plywood flooring.

To our surprise, we were able to unbolt the seats in only a few hours. We expected this job to be much more difficult, but a combined effort of Alhen holding the nuts from under the bus and my use of the impact driver on the bolts inside, we finished in time for brunch. 

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