The Small Things Add Up in Weeks 24 - 26

What all did we work on? 

Making room for the future upstairs lounge

Ah, the roof rack. What seemed like an added bonus ended up being a lot of extra work! It was rusted and broken down in many places, putting our ceiling at risk of water damage as well. Alhen did the heavy lifting of removing and Amelia did the sanding, getting it ready for a thick coat of white 100% silicone roof coating! We chose Tropi-Cool roof coating by Henry, as it's 100% waterproof (even if the water ponds), and will fill any cracks or holes in the roof that could lead to leaks. We still haven't chosen the color of our bus yet, but white paint is imperative for the roof to reflect the sun and keep the heat out, in the summertime. 

At some point, we'd love to install a full-length wooden deck complete with a lounge area, a place to hang hammocks, and enough room for a few friends to join us stargazing. This is definitely a ways away, but we're keeping the dream alive.


Mind your head!  

The ceiling has been a beast unto itself. We chose a sustainable material called Radius Bending Plywood from Columbia Forest, purchased locally at A&M supply in Knoxville. It's a gorgeous wood, pretty flexible, and right in line with our values. Combine that with our very sustainable but rather heavy denim insulation and you have a puzzle on your hands! Even with the two of us taping up insulation, stapling radiant barrier, and holding the plywood in place, we couldn't get the ceiling up in the time that we had. Getting a third hand (AKA a 2 x 4 wood stud) and setting aside some serious time to get each panel up is in our near future. 

We get by with a little help from our friends! 

Ace carpeter and tiny house dweller Jared Rhodes of Tiny Mountain Rhodes came over for a Sunday workday to build our first piece of furniture: our bed! Located in the back of the bus, our full-size bed platform will serve many purposes: 

  • Amelia's enormous greyhound will have his crate/bedroom underneath, where he'll have plenty of room to chill, sleep, and stay safe during travel
  • A full-size mattress will fit on top, but we won't exactly be able to sit upright. Sacrifices must be made! 
  • Two wardrobe drawers will fit in the hallway-facing side of the bed where we can store clothing and accessories we wear regularly
  • Two extra-long storage shelves are hidden under the bed toward the wall side, opening to the rear of the bus. We'll store our adventure gear and more regularly-used tools in bins back here. 
  • The headboard of the bed will serve as a space-dividing accent wall, complete with reading lights and a small bookshelf for our bedside items! 


The past few weeks have been filled with holiday planning, electrical experimentation, and gearing up for our next phase! Keep following along here as we post even more in the new year. Do you have content requests? Share with us in the comments below! 

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