#FollowFriday: 3 Tiny Interiors Inspiring Our Design

When it comes to designing the interior of a small space, you might think there's a sense of feeling cramped, like, "Where are we going to put all of our stuff?" On the contrary! We chose the tiny life because we didn't want to have a bunch of things and need to maintain the space for it all. We chose the tiny life to slim down on space and stuff and instead to cultivate experiences. This means that in designing our small space, we're maximizing the areas we enjoy the most: kitchen, living area, adventure gear; and carefully crafting the spaces that are on a need-to-use basis like the bedroom, toilet, and bathtub. 

These spaces are some of our favorites from the skoolies on Instagram we've found. 

Have we missed one? Share your website or a link to your favorite tiny house interior in the comments below! 



Miller_adventures Bus

Wife (Vanessa) Husband (Denver) and 3 wild boys living full time in our bus. Lots of laughs, happiness, and messes! Just the way we like it.bit.ly/2y1MkO7



Charlie Kern

 Turning things into spaces for living--for a living. Mostly buses. Mostly Denver. The company is @artbuildersguild www.lookatthatbus.com

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Bus 'n' Breakfast. Dorset. UK

 From the depths of the Canadian Rockies to the Dorset coast. Come share in this tiny home adventure. busnbreakfast.com

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