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Conversion Progress: Week 5

While we love the rain and all that it brings, it's really slowing down our parade! Day after day this week, it's rained so hard that we couldn't work with any windows open, making for stuffy mornings and short afternoons. 

Our experimentation with rivet-removal is going (frustratingly) well, as we're seeing that the best course of action will be to use power tools the whole way. Yes, we did attempt to do this by hand, one of us punching the center out and the other using a chisel to remove the head.

This resulted in a few bruised thumbs and bad moods, to say the least.

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Conversion Progress: Week 4
"You backed that thing in here!?" asked the UPS man incredulously.

The day after we arrived in Oak Ridge, still unsure of where we would park our 40-foot bus, Alhen's mom, our gracious host, asked, "Do you think it could fit beside the house?" Our first instinct was no, hell no, are you crazy? But, when she went off to work, the idea started to look more and more like our only feasible option. The parking lot at Hobby Lobby wasn't exactly an enticing risk. 

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Conversion Progress: Week 3

This week, the bus was relieved of its non-function AC system, which could only run if the bus was on anyway. In the future, we're looking into small split-unit temperature control so we can be comfortable when we're driving AND when we're stopped. Friends from St Pete Jimmy & Jesse came by to help Alhen dismantle the ductwork and learn a bit about deconstruction. They're looking to create their own tiny homes in the near future! 

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