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In-Depth Guide to Choosing a Healthy Mattress

We took a deep dive into the world of non-toxic mattresses in this latest post about our furnishing choices for the Slow Rolling Home! We discovered all of the icky chemicals living inside our conventional mattress, educated ourselves on what to look for in a healthy, non-toxic mattress, and narrowed our choices down to a select few we will continue to vet before we purchase.  Read on to learn more than you ever thought possible about the wonderful world of mattresses! 

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Seemingly Endless Iterations and the Start of Framing: Weeks 18 & 19

After what seemed like endless iterations, we have completed our layout. While small things may change, shelves may be installed or cabinet doors switched, we are clear on HOW we want our home to feel, WHERE the important items will go, and WHY each place is significant. You may be wondering, what do you mean whyIt may just be me (Amelia) who is obsessed with "why", but the importance of being intimately acquainted with the driver for change is what makes change STICK. 

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In-House Interior Design: Week 8

For months, we've been collecting inspiration for the interior and exterior design of the bus. In this post, we're sharing the Pinterest board that is the culmination of that collection. It's a lot more than just interior design, though. We've included some appliance ideas, possible sustainability and resource-saving features, some space-saving designs, and the overall vibe we want for our house on wheels.

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