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Gift Guide for Tiny + Off-Grid Living

We all have that person on our holiday list - the person who not only has what they need but also lives in a tiny house and practices minimalism so they don't really need any additional 'stuff', no matter how sentimental, unique, or well-intended.  If you know us personally, we may be that person for you! This gift guide is meant to inspire gift giving in a new (but actually super old school) way - a thoughtful, practical, personal, and valuable way to impact the lives of those you love this holiday season. 

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How Our Appliances Choices Reflect a Slow Lifestyle

featured photo by this.little.wandering

Like every choice on this bus, we're making these carefully. Our layout is built into the bus and there won't be too many changes once its complete. The difference between a cooktop and a range is a major demolition, but we're confident in the choices we've made, based on the lifestyle we want to live. Lifestyle is at the center stage in choosing our appliances. 

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Living the Dream No Matter Where We Live: Weeks 11 - 13

We're compiling our latest update into a three-week post, mainly because there's been a lot of life happening and less actual progress made on the bus. However, everything has a way of circling back to this big, crazy life project. In between all the newness that comes with a big move and life change, Alhen has been hard at work on SketchUp developing the master plan for the slow rolling home floor, perfecting measurements, deciding on the pattern of the joists, and determining which materials we'll buy in advance to get started. 

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What is Slow Living?

When I think of slow living, my mind travels back in time.

Waking up with the sun, no alarm clock; walking through the garden to feed the chickens or walking downstairs to open the shop; opening the mail with a letter opener and writing letters in response; walking to the market, the butcher, and the baker for the weekend's meals; watching the sun go down from the porch after supper, sharing stories with family. 

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