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Seemingly Endless Iterations and the Start of Framing: Weeks 18 & 19

After what seemed like endless iterations, we have completed our layout. While small things may change, shelves may be installed or cabinet doors switched, we are clear on HOW we want our home to feel, WHERE the important items will go, and WHY each place is significant. You may be wondering, what do you mean whyIt may just be me (Amelia) who is obsessed with "why", but the importance of being intimately acquainted with the driver for change is what makes change STICK. 

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The Importance of Planning: Weeks 9 - 10 (Aug 31)

No amount of planning could prepare us for what all would go along with creating a new life. Building a life with another person, let alone in a new city while creating a tiny home with our bare hands and little experience, is Pandora's box no matter how you open it. When we met, we talked a lot about what we wanted, what we saw to be possible. In hindsight, it's beyond a blessing that we did. 

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