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The Small Things Add Up in Weeks 24 - 26

Ah, the roof rack. What seemed like an added bonus ended up being a lot of extra work! It was rusted and broken down in many places, putting our ceiling at risk of water damage as well. Alhen did the heavy lifting of removing and Amelia did the sanding, getting it ready for a thick coat of solar-reflective white paint! We still haven't chosen the color of our bus yet, but white paint is imperative for the roof to reflect the sun and keep the heat baking low in the summertime.  

Read on for all the progress we made in weeks 24 - 26!  

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Installing Denim Insulation, Enclosing Windows, & Hard-Starting the Diesel: Weeks 20 & 21

"It's noticeably more temperate in here"

Said with a smile as we looked around at the newly insulated walls. 

The ceiling may still look like a spaceship, but the walls of the Slow Rolling Home are starting to take shape. Each window has a 'hull' under it which was originally filled with a yucky pink fiberglass insulation, stuff thickly and having accumulated twenty years of Florida humidity in its lifetime. 

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When it All Starts Coming Together: Weeks 16 - 17

The subfloor project seemed like an odyssey. Cutting, fitting, and framing the joist pattern; cutting, fitting, and spray-foaming insulation; cutting, fitting, and securing plywood. When it was all complete, the space immediately felt different. The foundation was laid and there we stood, and walked, freely across the level (sub)floor. This was the gateway to the rest of the project.

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Conversion Progress: Week 2

This week, we made serious headway removing seats, rubber, and plywood flooring.

To our surprise, we were able to unbolt the seats in only a few hours. We expected this job to be much more difficult, but a combined effort of Alhen holding the nuts from under the bus and my use of the impact driver on the bolts inside, we finished in time for brunch. 

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