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Moving Our Skoolie, Dealing with Flat Tires, and Making Home Where We Park

The past couple weeks have been eventful for the Slow Rolling Home. As our moving date drew near, an unwanted visitor threw a wrench in our plans: Florence. Set to make landfall the day of our move, I received a frantic call from my mother, an hobbyist meteorologist and highly concerned parent.

“If you don’t move the bus before the storm comes, you could be flooded in! Your bus could slide through the mud! You have to move immediately!”

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Life Update + What We're Looking Forward To

We’ve been gone from this blog for months, but never from our bus conversion journey. We’re getting real, honest, and authentic in this life update. Not only are we still converting, we’re still committed to sharing our journey. It’s just taken a bit of courage and compromise to get back to our blog.

Read on for all that we’ve been up to since March.

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Conversion Progress: Week 4
"You backed that thing in here!?" asked the UPS man incredulously.

The day after we arrived in Oak Ridge, still unsure of where we would park our 40-foot bus, Alhen's mom, our gracious host, asked, "Do you think it could fit beside the house?" Our first instinct was no, hell no, are you crazy? But, when she went off to work, the idea started to look more and more like our only feasible option. The parking lot at Hobby Lobby wasn't exactly an enticing risk. 

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